2023 Kids and Family Activities



Scarecrow Building

scarecrowScarecrows have been used for centuries all around the world to keep birds away from our crops and gardens. Whilst they may have given way some what to more modern bird scaring techniques, the presence of a scarecrow in your garden can still be an effective deterrent and a delightful season addition.
In celebration of our hardworking agricultural friend, at this year’s field days we will be holding a Scarecrow Building activity and competition.
Held on the lawn opposite the Fashion Pavilion, the fun starts at 11am on Friday and Saturday for the building teams. Wood for frames, straw for stuffing, clothes and props will be supplied. You are also welcome to bring along any of your own supplies to create the perfect scarecrow!

We encourage families, school groups and businesses to take up the challenge and let their imagination and creative skills create some eye catching entries.

Making a Scarecrow for the Garden.
Making scarecrows is great fun and can add to the appearance of the garden, as well as keep the birds away. The appearance and personality of your scarecrow is only limited by your imagination.

Tips on making a Scarecrow.

The appearance and personality of your scarecrow is only limited by your imagination.

What do you need to make a scarecrow?

The frame:
• Frame materials will be available at the competition site.
• String, gardening twine, or nails and hammer.

The head and face:
• Old pair of stockings, old pillow case or calico bag.
• Acrylic paint or waterproof markers.
• Stuffing eg. Straw,will be available on the day

Hands and feet:
• Socks, old stockings/tights or gloves,
• Straw or bunches of lavender, or soft toy filling or newspapers

• Clothes and shoes that you can spare from your wardrobe or visit the local Op Shop.

• Wig, raffia, straw, wool or bunches of lavender.

• Hats, caps, beanies, scarves, ribbons or tiaras.

• eg. glasses, scarves, hand bag, jewellery, imitation flowers.
• gardening tools eg. Old wheelbarrow (plant this with flowers, vegetables or herbs), old broom, rake or spade.
• Stuffed toys eg. toy parrot to sit on the scarecrow pirate’s shoulder.

Putting your scarecrow together.
• Why limit yourself to people? Scarecrow animals could also be a feature of your garden. A horse would look good or maybe a trusty dog to join your scarecrow. Frames could be made from garden stakes or bamboo poles and use wire netting to form the body. This could be covered with straw tied or wired onto the wire, or strips of material or lengths of wool tied onto the wire to give a shaggy Shetland or shaggy dog look. Horses and dogs wear blankets and coats so why not add some clothes? The heads could be made of wire netting, or polystyrene (from boxes), plywood or thick cardboard and painted. Accessories might also be the go for these trusty animals.…………your imagination is the limit!