Demonstrations, talks & lectures.

The Mudgee Small Farm Field Days was created to deliver education about living and working on the land. Since 1977 the event has organised a wide range of speakers across a numerous topics to help people learn about everything from building a fence, understanding livestock, to sustainable building and agronomy.

See the full list of demonstrations & talks listed below. When you are on site there is a large map at every intersection in the exhibition area to help you navigate to the area of interest.


Livestock Talk Tent

Horticulture Talk Tent

Food Talk Tent

Horse Arenas

Festival of Yesteryear

Guide to the rest of the talks & demos…

Sheep Dog Trials: A sport not often televised, but the contestants are highly trained, graceful in their execution and the ultimate team players, of course this is Yard Dog Trialling. Apart from the display of skills and the chance to win the days competition, these working dogs play an important part of every day farming working stock. Come and see this fine display of skill and intuition.

Wood fired oven design and construction: What ever you may be baking, why not consider a wood fired oven. There are a variety of construction types from steel to clay domes. Come along and learn about ovens and their construction and use with local oven builder John Grant.

Understanding cuts of lamb & beef: The right cut for your cooking. Understanding cuts of meat is key to getting the most out of you meat purchases and selecting cuts for new cooking creation. Award winning butcher Clint Ramien of S&S Meats, will break down sides of lamb and beef with clear explanations of the cuts and how they relate to your cooking.

Reptile Awareness Display: Australia has plenty of reptiles, including snakes that are colourful, interesting and some deadly. Get up close and learn about these creatures that we often only glimpse. First aid do\’s and don\’ts are discussed during the presentation – lots to learn.