Not for profit

Did you know AREC is a not-for-profit, self-funded charity aimed at rural education?

Great Value

The field days are a great way to connect with information and solution providers.

Great Crowds

Over 450 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors attend the field days each year.

Great Exposure

Get face-to-face access to a range of products and services.

Targeted Audience

Agriculture is the focus of the event but a vast array of products and services are available.

Something for Everyone!

From outdoor to indoor to verandah, from agricultural to fashion to business…

Longstanding Event

With over 40 years experience, the quality and quantity of exhibits has increased.

Demos demos demos!

There are hundreds of FREE demonstrations, talks, displays and activities.

Family Event

It’s a whole family event, with something for every age and every interest.

The Mudgee Small Farm Field Days is a two-day, annual event that has been running for over 40 years and attracts approximately 20,000 people per year.

Our aim is to promote innovation and sustainability in agriculture and rural living.
Our mission is to inform, educate and connect rural people with information and solution providers.

MSFFD is Mudgee’s largest annual event and contributes millions of dollars into the local economy.

There are free demonstrations and talks along with commercial stalls, live music and activities to suit the whole family.

2024 will be the 45th Mudgee Small Farm Field Days. The event is long-standing and the Premier Field Days event in the Central West NSW.

Mudgee Small Farm Field Days focuses on innovation and sustainability, making the event just as relevant now as it was when it originated in 1977.

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Mudgee Small Farm Field Days

We look forward to seeing you at the

2024 Mudgee Small Farm Field Days!