The below information refers to the 2023 event. 

2023 Mudgee Small Farm Field Days

Set-up Days: Weds 5th & Thurs 6th July 2023
Event Days: Fri 7th & Sat 8th July 2023
Pack-up Day: Sunday 9th July 2023

Please ensure you have also read and agree to the terms and conditions for participation at the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days. Terms and conditions are contained in the application forms or are available from the office upon request. Submission of an application form will deem that you agree to the terms and conditions.

This document is subject to change.



Returning exhibitors do NOT need to submit the application form, you can simply reply to our email and we will re-order your site. NOTE: There have been some changes so it is important to read this information.

The deadline for applications from exhibitors who exhibited in 2022, and wish to be allocated the same site again, is 28 February 2023. You must advise MSFFD of your intention to exhibit at the 2023 event by this date. If no application has been received by this date, the site you were allocated in 2022 may not be available.



If you did not exhibit at the 2022 MSFFD, you will need to submit an application. Online bookings are preferred, go to www.mudgeefielddays.com.au/book to apply.

Allocations of sites for new exhibitors will be made in chronological order from the application date and will not commence until after 1st April 2022.


Payment from ALL exhibitors must be received in full by 11th May 2023.

If your application is accepted after this date your account must be settled by the due date as per the trading terms on your initial invoice.

Multiple site bookings will attract a 10% discount on additional sites (discount on cheaper site if applicable).

Site allocations will be at the sole discretion of MSFFD and can be changed at any time. MSFFD will endeavour to accommodate the needs of all exhibitors.



All coffee vendors and commercial food vendors are required to tender for site positions.  Information and application forms for coffee and catering are different to general exhibitors. Please see the appropriate section for more details. Exhibitors are not permitted to sell food or coffee from their sites without MSFFD authorisation.



Sites are held for previous site holders up until 28 February 2023. Following that date, vacant sites are available for booking by any exhibitor at the discretion of the organisers of MSFFD. Allocations from new exhibitors will not commence until after 1st April 2023.

MSFFD has the right to allocate sites as it determines. We will do our best to accommodate the needs of all exhibitors. Application for a site does not guarantee your acceptance. MSFFD reserves the right to accept or refuse any application. Every effort is made to mark out sites accurately, but if there is confusion regarding the size of your site contact the office PRIOR to setting up. Please ensure that the site size you have selected will accommodate your exhibit. Eg: DO NOT select a site with a 6 meter front and expect to erect a tent with a 7 meter front. You will be required to alter/move your exhibit to fit within your site boundaries.


The Exhibitor agrees that 75% refunds are given for cancellations made in writing more than 8 weeks prior to the first day of the event (until 11th May 2023), 50% refunds are given for cancellations made in writing more than 4 weeks but less than 8 weeks prior to the first day of the event (from 12th May until 8th June 2023), and that no refund is payable for cancellations made less than 4 weeks prior to the event (from 9th June 2023).


There is only ONE exhibitor entrance this year, via Henry Lawson Drive. (No entry via Ulan Rd). This is due to safety issues with the Ulan Rd exhibitor car park and pedestrians.

HENRY LAWSON DR – access to MENS SHED Exhibitor car park

Public Car Parks – free

HENRY LAWSON DR –HL Public car park

ULAN RD – ULAN RD Public car park

There are no extra vehicle passes available for exhibitors, however, there is plenty of free parking in the public car parks on Ulan Rd and Henry Lawson.


There is ONE type of VEHICLE PASS. This pass allows access to the exhibitor car parks as well as the exhibition area. * NEW * No extra vehicle passes are available for purchase due to reduced car parking spaces.

Vehicle passes MUST be displayed face up on your dashboard AT ALL TIMES. A vehicle pass does not mean automatic entry to the field days – exhibitor passes must still be presented and redeemed at the gate.

The site will be open to exhibitors at 6am Friday morning and 6:30am Saturday morning. Any vehicles taken onto the exhibition area must be placed ENTIRELY on the exhibitors site or removed to the car park prior to 8am. Vehicles will be allowed back on site from 4:30pm Friday and Saturday. The site will close at 6pm Friday and 7pm Saturday. The entry gates to exhibitor car parks will be locked at 8am in the interest of safety and will not reopen until 4:30pm. Vehicles are not to be parked ANYWHERE else in the exhibition area. Vehicles that do not fit within your site, or that you may wish to move prior to 4:30pm, need to be parked in a car park.

If you enter the exhibition area, you MUST take your vehicle back to the car parks by 8am on event days or park it ENTIRELY within your site. Vehicles are ONLY allowed in the exhibition area between 8am-4:30pm on event days if they are entirely within your site boundaries.

Vehicles are NOT permitted to drive on site from 8am-4:30pm. If you abuse it, you’ll lose it.

The speed limit on site is 10 kilometres per hour. MSFFD reserves the right to remove vehicles for advertising, safety or other purposes, without official authority, from anywhere on the site.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in your vehicle pass being forfeited and you risk not being invited back to future events. Please ensure all staff are advised of these restrictions.


Electricity is NOT included in the site price. If you wish to use electricity, you must book and pay for it PRIOR to the event. Electricity can be used for TV’s, computers, EFTPOS etc, but NOT for electric heating items (eg jugs and heaters) as they may overload the system. Gas heaters are allowed.

There are 15amp power outlets available to most sites. Power outlets are located within 30 metres of most sites.  It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide a single length heavy duty/industrial lead to be used from the power outlet to the exhibitor’s location.

All leads and electrical equipment are required to have current “test and tag” certification. Exhibitors must only use and operate approved portable power boards with residual current device (RCD) earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) protection when drawing electricity from the MSFFD supply grid.

In the interests of safety, MSFFD reserves the right to confiscate any electrical equipment or leads that do not meet “Test & Tag” requirements.  MSFFD will not be liable for any damage to your stock/equipment as a result of electrical equipment and leads not meeting requirements.

There will be an electrician on site to monitor electricity connections. If your leads are not tested and tagged, the electrician has the right to confiscate them or charge a fee to test and tag.

Placement of some exhibits may be governed by power requirements.  If you are not sure of your requirements, please contact your electrician.  If your power requirements are not detailed on your application and they exceed those provided, you may incur extra charges for electricity supply or be required to remove that connection.


Tents, marquees and fittings such as tables, chairs and partitions must be ordered through hire companies prior to the field days. We do not have a preferred supplier.

NO sites have tables, chairs, partitions etc included in their site fees. There is NO “shell system” included with the indoor sites. You need to arrange for this equipment yourself.


Exhibitor (personnel) passes are allocated according to site type and size, as per the application form. If you require extra passes, they are available for exhibitors to purchase at a discount rate ($20 for a 2 day pass) prior to the event via the MSFFD office or on your application form.

Exhibitor packs (including passes) are to be collected from the office when you arrive on the set-up days, prior to proceeding to your site.

If you do not collect your passes by 6pm Thursday, you will need to collect them from the exhibitor car park entrance before 8am on Friday morning.

Please have your wristbands ON, ready to show at the gate. If you do not have your wristband on, it causes a queue of vehicles and delays for everybody to get on site.


The site is open to exhibitors from 6am-6pm Friday 7th and 6.30am-7pm Saturday 8th July 2023.  

The site is open to the public from 8:30am-4:30pm on Friday and Saturday.

Your site must be staffed and operating for the hours of 8.30am to 4:30pm on both event days. Sites are to be in operation until 4:30pm on Saturday and exhibitors who pack up earlier than this may not be invited back.


We offer a FREE parcel pick-up service, collecting goods purchased from your site and delivering them to a depot at either the Henry Lawson or Ulan Rd public car park for pick up by the customer prior to leaving.

This is a free service, so please utilise it. Eligible items 20-40kg or by individual discretion.

If you think you will utilise this service, please indicate this on your booking. You will be supplied with a docket book in your exhibitor pack with instructions on how to arrange pick ups.


All exhibitors and site holders must hold their own public liability insurance with an indemnity of not less than $10 million. An exhibitor who chooses not to have this insurance will not be allocated a site.

Please supply your policy details on the application form. We require a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance that covers the event days. If your current certificate covers the event days, please include it with your application. If it expires prior to the event, we appreciate if you can provide it to us at your earliest convenience once renewed.

You will NOT be permitted to set up if we have not received a valid Certificate of Currency.


The safety of exhibitors, volunteers and visitors must be of utmost consideration at all times and anyone conducting themselves in a manner dangerous to any of these groups will be asked to leave immediately.

Please be aware of the safety of others when demonstrating, moving or using machines or implements on site. Your exhibit area is an extension of your workplace.

You are responsible for safety on your site.

When setting up, look for trip hazards with your tents and other objects on your site. Take care with any sharp hooks, wire, metal or other parts of your displays that may cause a safety issue. Your power leads should be tested and in a safe condition. Don’t forget that children and older people make up part of the audience, and your site safety considerations should reflect this.

Caution: Underground services

Exhibitors and contractors beware:  The site has extensive underground power and water. Please check with MSFFD management before digging, driving posts or large tent pegs into the ground.  Most underground cables will be marked on the ground, however, please check prior to ANY works being undertaken.

Any digging or driving of posts/pegs will be at your own risk and you assume all liability for any injury, death or property damage if you have not had prior permission from AREC.


A security firm is employed to guard THE SITE during the event.

Exhibitors are required to take sensible precautions with their products or other items when leaving their site unattended. As always you should have suitable insurance cover for your property.


The site is available for set-up from 8am-6pm Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th July 2023 and pack-up is 4:30pm-7pm Saturday evening 8th & 8am-4pm Sunday 9th July 2023.

Fork lifts are available on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY.

Fork lifts will not be provided outside of these dates. You will need to organise your own equipment. Loading and unloading of items outside of these dates can only take place with prior arrangement and at MSFFD’s discretion. ALL items MUST be removed from sites by 21 July 2023. No security on site after 9th July 2023.

Further details will be sent to exhibitors in the lead up to the event.





Contact Mudgee Tourist Information Centre for accommodation options on (02) 6372 1020.


The official program will be published by The Land. This is distributed prior to the field days through The Land newspaper and at the gate during the field days. The program also features the site map and includes an alphabetical and categorical listing of all exhibitors registered at the time of deadline (31st May).

If you receive any other invitations via mail, email or fax for official guides, event programs or attendees lists etc please let us know and, if they are requesting money, report them to the Department of Fair Trading.


Due to the airstrip being directly adjacent to the site, no aerial exhibits such as drones are permitted. Please also be mindful of any other materials that may pose a threat to the airport.


There will be ATM’s on site in locations to be shown on the 2023 site map.

EFTPOS is available on the general admission gates only. We encourage exhibitors to have personal EFTPOS terminals available for the public to use.


MSFFD do not allow bark chip to be used on sites as it harms the grass. AREC is used for many other activities throughout the year and the grassed areas are to be preserved for these.

Straw is suitable for display and bedding purposes and can be purchased for $20/bale prior to event.


MSFFD encourage demonstrations on your site as it engages the visiting public.

Please be aware of issues with dust, noise and safety during these demonstrations and be courteous to nearby site holders. MSFFD has the right to refuse any demonstration and some aerial or high-risk demonstrations will not be permitted.

Please let us know if you are conducting any demonstration on your site, for our records.


Exhibitors are encouraged to make their sites look appealing and enticing. Exhibitors are responsible for making sure all materials are secured correctly and safely and do not disturb other exhibitors or the public.

Display material is to be displayed on the exhibitors site ONLY, not anywhere else. MSFFD management reserves the right to remove any exhibit or item they feel may bring MSFFD into disrepute or is not located wholly within your site.


NO DOGS/PETS ARE ALLOWED on site, except for working dogs who are competing in the yard dog trials and guide or medical aid dogs with identification. MSFFD reserves the right to ask you to leave the grounds if you have a pet in your possession.

This applies to exhibitors as well as visitors. Please don’t ask to bring your pet.


In the event of an emergency please contact 000 first, then the MSFFD office on 02 6372 3899.

St John’s Ambulance Service operates on site during the opening hours of the event, at a location shown on the site map.


The lighting of fires is permitted on sites ONLY with prior consent from MSFFD. Fires must be contained within a fire bucket and must not scorch the grass or leave any remnants behind. A clean up fee will be charged if damage does occur.

In the case of an uncontrolled fire please contact 000 and the MSFFD office.


There is a range of food available at community run and commercial outlets during the event days. On the set-up days, food and coffee are only available at some of the outlets. Details will be provided to you prior to the event.

Exhibitors are NOT permitted to sell food from their sites without MSFFD authorisation. Exhibitors are not permitted to issue meals to the public or have a coffee machine on their site. Light refreshments only may be provided to the public (eg bottled water or food samples).

All food sites must meet food handling and safety requirements and need to register with Food Standards Australia as a temporary food event. This can be done at www.foodnotify.nsw.gov.au.


As well as the exhibitor and product directory in the event guide, exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of the search function available on the MSFFD website. You are encouraged to list as many key words or phrases (not long sentences) as you wish, separated by a comma, that visitors can then use to search for your products at the event.

You’ll be asked for key words on your booking form and these can be updated on your online profile.


A limited number of livestock panels are available to hire. Livestock Exhibitors can request these when booking.


Please be aware of neighbouring sites when carrying out demonstrations or using microphones or loud speakers on your site. These are NOT permitted in the Founders Pavilion. MSFFD has the authority to demand the removal of any equipment that negatively affects other exhibitors or the general public.


MSFFD do NOT offer paid announcements made over the PA system during the field days. Announcements are primarily used for important notices, demonstration times and sponsors. If you’d like to become a sponsor, please approach us. Do NOT approach the announcer to request an announcement.


Written permission from MSFFD must be obtained before any permanent structure, including permanent signs or cement footings, can be erected.


Raffles are limited at the event to avoid overwhelming or annoying the public. They are only permitted on sites with the consent of MSFFD. All exhibitors wishing to conduct raffles or other promotions MUST seek approval prior to the event. The raffle must also be operated legally and wholly within the confines of the allocated site.


There are 3 machinery loading ramps available on site. Please see the site map or ask the office for more information. There is also a portable loading ramp available for livestock exhibitors.


Rubbish removal occurs regularly and all rubbish must be placed in or at the bins for collection. We encourage exhibitors to recycle where possible. Cardboard boxes MUST be folded flat and placed in the cardboard collection bays, NOT in skip bins as they’re only emptied daily.

If you have any hazardous materials for disposal, this is your responsibility and will incur a disposal fee if not disposed of correctly.


Small square straw bales for display purposes are available for purchase ($20/bale). They can be ordered with your booking and you will be invoiced accordingly. They will be placed on your site on Thursday 6th July and remain your responsibility after this. If you don’t want to take them at the end of the field days, please leave them stacked near the front of your site for collection.


NO Exhibitors shall assign, lease, sub-lease, on-sell or part with the possession of the whole or part of the site without prior written application to MSFFD management.

Only displays that have a genuine company link with an exhibitor can be shown on their stand. This means that unless an exhibitor owns, sells or distributes a particular line of product (or service) on a normal, continuing yearlong basis from the principal business house, it cannot be displayed.


Mobile phone coverage is available throughout the field days site. Please consider that high population density over the event days may affect internet speed etc. We are constantly trying to improve wi-fi/coverage for exhibitors but the sheer volume of people on site makes this a difficult task.


Town water is available at various locations on site. This water is for general use only. A wash bay is available for washing down vehicles. No vehicles/machinery are to be washed on your site as puddles may negatively affect neighbouring sites and create a safety issue for the public.


MSFFD is staged regardless of the weather (excepting extreme weather events such as flooding). In wet weather, we make every effort to ensure site access, with extra straw and improved drainage.

We ask you to make sure your tents/structures are secure and unsecured items are placed inside tents or sheds at the end of each day in the case of bad weather overnight.