Mudgee Field Days 2020 Cancellation

Due to the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and the Government Order under the Public Health Act to ban mass gatherings, we regret to announce that the 2020 Mudgee Small Farm Field Days has been cancelled.

Chairman of the Australian Rural Education Centre, James Sullivan, said “This has been an incredibly difficult decision, but our priority is the health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors and volunteers.”

“It is extremely disappointing to cancel the 2020 event and we understand everyone is facing a very challenging period. The cancellation will affect a number of local businesses, as the event brings millions of dollars into the Mudgee economy.”

 “This is the first time in our 43 year history that we have had to cancel an event and the financial impact on our small, not-for-profit charity will also be significant as we derive approximately 90% of our income from the field days.”

“We will be working with exhibitors to transfer their fees to the 2021 event. This will help us greatly to ensure our ongoing viability. We will be in contact with all stakeholders in the coming days.”

We will be back stronger than ever next year and hope to see you on 2 + 3 July 2021.

Food & Coffee Catering at the
Mudgee Small Farm Field Days


The Mudgee Small Farm Field Days has a mix of caterers that include local community groups, commercial catering businesses & coffee vendors.

The total number of caterers are restricted so that those providing catering can expect a reasonable return for their efforts.

To apply to be a caterer at the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days you need to complete the Caterers Application Form not the regular exhibitors application form. These forms are sent out in March, so to register your interest please email us prior to this.

Caterers are separate to regular exhibitors and a different set of rules apply.

Types of catering.
If you are accepted as a caterer, you are not permitted to sell coffee or other hot drinks. You are only permitted to sell meal type items and cold drinks.

Coffee Vendors
If you are accepted as a coffee vendor, you are not permitted to sell meal type items. You may sell an accompaniment to the coffee, for example: a cookie, piece of cake, muffin etc.

Exhibitors with food/drinks.
Regular exhibitors are not permitted to sell meal type items or drinks. They may sell packaged food items such as: fudge, nuts, popcorn, packaged coffee beans/grounds, packaged biscuits, candy, fruit, ice cream etc. If you are unsure whether your product is acceptable, please contact the office prior to booking.

As with other exhibitors we do not regulate the number of these exhibitors, in the same way we do not regulate the number of exhibitors selling tractors, we leave this to open market forces.

Exhibitors who wish to sell alcohol at the event need to contact the office prior to booking. 

Terms and Condition 18: Should any activities undertaken by an Exhibitor require a licence or permit of some type, it is the Exhibitors responsibility to ensure such licences or permits are in place with any approving authority or agency.

If you have any queries regarding our policy on food, catering and coffee sales or would like to apply to be a caterer or coffee vendor please complete the form opposite. 

Enquire about Food or Coffee Catering

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