Exhibitor Information

NOTE: Exhibition spaces are almost SOLD OUT. If you wish to make a booking, you will be placed on a waiting list in chronological order and contacted if a site becomes available. Thank you.

EVENT DATES:  Friday 14th & Saturday 15th July, 2017
SET UP DAYS:  Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th July, 2017

Getting to the Event
Go to online Booking
Download PDF of Booking Form with pricing

Please make sure the people attending the event have the information set out below.

Plans of the Exhibition Space are available on the website or below:
Founders Pavilion Plan (click to view)
Outdoor Site Map (click to view)

If you are not the person actually attending the event, please pass this information on to those who will make best use it.

Equipment Hire by Festival Hire
Festival Hire are our preferred suppliers for hire equipment.
Should you need a marque, chairs, tables, partitions, etc
contact Mark at Festival hire on 1300 761 799

How do I find the exhibition site?
You can find us with a map here http://mudgeefielddays.com.au/contacts/

Access times for set up days:
Wednesday 12th &  Thursday 13th  July – 8.00am – 6.00pm
All exhibitors must check in to the office prior to going to their site.
Collect your passes – if you forget your passes it will slow down your entry on the event day.

Forklift Bookings
Wednesday  – (Set up day) – book your forklift at the AREC office.
Thursday – (Set up day) – ALL forklift bookings must be made at the information building in the centre of the site under the big windmill. We have a co-ordinator to take down your request and organise the right forklift to unload your gear.
Forklifts will cease operating when the site is in darkness for safety reasons.

Safety on your site
Your exhibit area is an extension of your workplace and safety is an important aspect. When setting up look for trip hazards with your tents and other objects on your site. Take care with any sharp hooks, wire, metal or other parts of your displays that may cause a safety issue. Your power leads should be tested and in a safe condition. Don’t forget that children and older people make up part of the audience, and your site safety considerations should reflect this.

How do I pick up my passes?
Your exhibitor pack containing passes and other information will be available from our office on Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14th July.
If you are unable to pick up your pack on Thursday you will need to go to Exhibitor Gate 1 (Ulan Road – see the enclosed map) BEFORE 8am on Friday the 15th. Staff at this gate will be able to assist you.

Security is provided on site from the set up days and throughout the event. Sensible precautions are required by exhibitors with their stock or other items when unattended.
As always you should have suitable insurance cover for your property.

Food on the set up days
The Mudgee Men’s Shed will have hot food and drinks available on the set-up days, due to fire in their shed they will be nearby the office and Fashion Parade Pavilion on Road A.
There will also be an expresso coffee vendor on-site adjacent the Fashion Pavilion.

EVENT DAYS – Friday 14th & Saturday 15th, July

No vehicle movements through the exhibition space whilst the event is open to the public. If you need to leave the site before 5pm – park in the exhibitor car parks.
Site opening times
The site is open to exhibitors from 6.30am both days. Exhibitor vehicles with the Red Pass can go in the exhibition space to drop off gear etc until 8.30am, vehicles need to be back out to the exhibitor car parks by 8.30am.
Your vehicle can stay on your site as a part of your exhibit if it fits wholly within your site, but it cannot leave the exhibition area till the end of the day.

Site closing times
The public leave the site at 5.00pm,
The site is closed to exhibitors at 6pm on Friday & 7pm Saturday.
Exhibits are to remain in place till 4.30 pm Saturday
Public access: 8.30am – 5.00pm

Vehicle Passes. (not required for the set up days)
Display your passes to help you get on site quicker.

Red Pass displayed means you are heading to your site to drop off gear or leave your vehicle wholly within your site.You need to move your vehicle to the exhibitor car park unless it fits completely within your site.

Green Pass displayed means you are parking in the Exhibitor Car Park.
Vehicles can be parked in the public car parks at no cost.

Be aware of the location of the exhibitor car parks. The exhibitor car park at Gate 1 can not be accessed from the main road after 12 noon. If you are arriving after this time or if you have left the site and return after 12 noon, please continue to Gate 3 and drive through to the exhibitor car park there. It is nearby the exhibition area.
I need to get stuff to my site during the event?
We understand that during the course of the day you may need to bring more stock or promotional material to your site. As you will be unable to move your vehicle around the site during the day, we have a FREE on-site courier service, dedicated to transporting exhibitor stock etc. from the exhibitor car parks out to exhibitor sites.
During the times the site is open to the public contact the office or gate staff for assistance.

Parcel Delivery Service
This is a free service for your customers.
A parcel delivery station in the centre ring will deliver items to depots in public car parks.
The Parcel Delivery people are on site on Thursday and this is a great time to touch base with them and let them know your needs.

Digging, excavations, & tent pegs!
Avoid deadly underground power & water services
Our site has extensive underground power and water, prior to any digging,excavation or driving of large pegs you or your representative will need to contact us.
Look for the clear markings on the ground for where not to put pegs.
Contact the office if in doubt. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Parking behind the Livestock area.
See the map for details, the exhibitor parking area behind the Livestock area is only good for those staying put all day. If you need to leave during the day – park in one of the other exhibitor parking areas.

Founders Pavilion exhibitors
For exhibitors in the Founders Pavilion please note no vehicles indoors. Trolleys are available for you to move your gear in and out of the building. For those with a site in the ‘islands’ in the centre, take note of the easement for the power cords, do not build over or obstruct this area.
Note: there is no ‘shell system’ of partitions for your site, you must supply your own display panels etc. if you require them. Festival Hire (listed above) can assist with your requirements.
If you have booked power for your site, remember to bring along a nice long lead. Check the floor plan for the location of your site in relation to the power box.

Loading Ramps
There are 3 loading ramps available at the site.

Try the main ramp first by entering GATE 2 (see map) and heading straight ahead through the roundabout. If you have a higher deck, follow the sign to the larger ramp in the north car park. A third ramp is adjacent the machinery demonstration at the west end of the site.

Livestock Exhibitors
A portable loading ramp is available for livestock exhibitors for loading and unloading.

Terms & Conditions

Office : 02 6372 3899
Fax: 02 6372 3380
email: info@mudgeefielddays.com.au